July 29, 2008

Our (ill fated) Trip to the Zoo

Chris and I took Lila to the LA Zoo on Sunday. We had a lot of fun, especially since Lila really seemed to get what the zoo was all about and knew to look for animals each time we stopped. However, a fire broke out in the hills behind Griffith Park while we were there so the entire zoo was evacuated!! It was just a precautionary measure, but it added some excitement to our trip.

"Mommy, can't I just go see the animals? Why do I have to eat lunch?"

Lila said "hi there" and waved to the animals and then woofed at them.

The fire in the hills as we were leaving.

Bee Bop Band

Erin came over for a vist this weekend and spent some time playing with Lila and her Bee Bop Band. Chris, Erin and Lila played music for the "groupies", aka the stuffed bears.

July 26, 2008

Lila is 15 months old!

I'm not really a fan of food on the face pictures, but Chris said this should be the blog picture, so there you have it.

Lila will be 15 months old tomorrow and had her check up yesterday. She weighs 18 lbs., 12 oz and is 30 inches tall. The doctor said she is doing great!

Right now she can walk, climb, and get out and put away toys. Her favorite things to do are eat Cat Cookies, hug and pat her stuffed animals and babies, listen to music, swing, and pet the animals.

She can say: hi, hi there, bye, mama, daddy, doggy, kitty, giraffe, this, snacks, bath, poops, thanks, uh-huh, uh-oh, breakfast, bless, Auntie, Nana, "woos?" = where is it?, book, back, and "bash" = more.

July 18, 2008

We bought a house!

We put an offer in on the house yesterday and the sellers accepted this morning. We still need to have all the inspections done to make sure everything is okay, but it looks like we have found our new home. Here are a few pics from the listing.

The exterior
The AMAZING kitchen

July 14, 2008

Snack Time

Lila is addicted to snacks. All day long she goes to the pantry and points saying "snaaaaaaaacks".

A Visit from Auntie

Chris, Erin, Lila, and I went out for sushi on Saturday night and then Erin came over to play with Lila for awhile. Everyone had fun!

July 10, 2008


My mom has been here for the past 10 days for her last California visit. True to her new nickname, she took a lot of pictures during her stay. Here are some highlights.

Swimming Lessons

Lila has been taking swimming lessons since she was 9 months old. Her teacher says she is a star student! Here are a few pics from our lesson on Tuesday.

Doing "dolphin dips" towards the ball.

Diving for rings

Playing on the steps

July 6, 2008


Lila giving Ian a kiss.

July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

To celebrate the 4th we had a BBQ with our neighbors in the park. Everyone had a great time!

Lila trying out her new lawn chair from Grandma and Grandpa.

Lila playing ball with Nana.

July 3, 2008

Ian is officially a Pre-Teen

At least that is what he tells me. My new BFF Tony says that 11 is the new 13. Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble! We celebrated Ian's entry into the pre-teen world by going to dinner at Black Angus and then back home for cake and presents. The next day, Ian's actual birthday, he had a camp field trip to Knott's Berry Farm and then had MORE cake and presents when he got home.

Ian's favorite present was his Heroscape game.

Giving Gary and Sue a thank you hug for Heroscape.