December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

 Santa came to our house!

 The kids on Christmas morning

 I'm not sure Cara really understood everything, but she had fun opening presents.

 Lila really wanted a Doodle Bear and Santa knew Cara would want one too, so they both got one.

 Drawing on her Doodle Bear

 Me too!

 Ian really only wanted one thing for Christmas- the new Skyrim XBox game.  He was getting a little worried when he had opened most of his presents and hadn't found it yet, but then he got it and the gaming guide too.

 Studying the gaming guide.

 Lila only asked Santa for one thing this year, a Fur Real dog.  It's a fake dog that acts just like a real dog.  It doesn't seem to make a difference to her that we have a real dog.  She was SO excited when she opened it.
 Cara's favorite present this year was her new "cuter".  It a My Own Leaptop and she loves it. She's carried it with her everywhere, she hasn't even let anyone touch it to set it up!

The kids dressed for Christmas Dinner.

Christmas Eve

The kids were at Chris's house during the day on Christmas Eve and opened presents from Chris's family.

Later that day we all went to the family Christmas Eve service at church.  It was Cara's first time sitting in church with us and she enjoyed it.  At least she enjoyed the carols. As soon as one was over she would yell, "another song!".

After the church the kids and I went back home for a Christmas dinner of crab legs, cheese potatoes and asparagus. Then the kids got to open one present before bed - Christmas PJs.

December 22, 2011

Dance Class Christmas

Lila had her last dance class before Christmas break today.  All of the girls got to wear their Christmas outfits and parents could come in and watch the last ten minutes of class. They did one tap and one ballet dance for us wearing reindeer antlers.  Lila loved bobbing her head to make her bells jingle!

Christmas Pageant

This was a big year for our family in the church Christmas pageant- this is the only year that all three kids were able to participate!  Ian was an usher and sang with the middle school class; Lila was a Heavenly Host; and Cara was a donkey in the stable.  All three kids did an excellent job!

Ian singing

Lila getting ready for her part
Singing Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star

Lila's part in the show! They say "Glory to God in the highest.  Peace on Earth, goodwill to all."  Then sing Twinkle Twinkle Christmas star/ Over Bethlehem afar/ Up above the manger high/ Dancing dancing in the sky/ Twinkle twinkle Christmas star/ Over Bethlehem afar.
Cara was ADORABLE as a stable animal.  They keep the two year old animals in line and in the stable by feeding them an endless supply of animal crackers.  Cara ate the entire time and chewed on her cup while she was waiting for refills.

She also got a purple Christmas tree from Nana the day before that she didn't want to put down.  That's what's sitting in her lap.  Sitting next to her is her BFF Grace.

They video the pageant and  put it up on the screen.  During down time they show the stable animals.  Here's Cara and Grace on the big screen.

A video of the cutest donkey ever!

All the kids singing Silent Night for the finale

Leaving the sanctuary


Cara in her costume.

Lila's Christmas Program

 Lila's school Christmas program was Saturday night.  She sang one song with her class and then provided "back up" for the other classes.  All of the kids did an excellent job!  We didn't have very good seats, so there aren't many pictures, but Lila sang all of the words and did all of the motions.

 All dressed up before the program.

 Lila and Cara with Nana

 My girls

Sitting in her seat waiting for the show to start.

Singing with her class.  She's front and center.

December 12, 2011

Zoo Lights

Last night I took the girls to Brookfield Zoo to see all of the Christmas lights and decorations (Ian opted not to go).  Zoo Lights happens every year, but it's usually too cold for me.  But, since it was a balmy 40 degrees last night I decided it was the perfect time to go.  The girls loved it!  Several of the animals were outside since it wasn't freezing and we got to see even more animals inside.  The lights looked beautiful and we all enjoyed it.

 All bundled up in the stroller

Lila wanted to go on the carousel at the end.  Cara has been on before, but I guess she didn't remember because she was terrified and yelling "Off! Off!" before it started.  This picture is when she was terrified.  But once it started moving she stopped yelling, looked around and then started smiling and saying "Whee!"  Meanwhile, Lila was on one of the outside animals and she spent the entire time smiling and waving Miss America-style to the people standing around the carousel.

Just a Normal Day

Last Thursday, Lila was wearing her Ariel costume which prompted Cara to ask to wear her Suzy Mouse costume.  Once Lila saw Cara in the Suzy Mouse costume she had to have a "soft costume, not a beautiful costume" and changed into her old Nemo costume.  Just a normal Thursday afternoon at home!

December 4, 2011

And one out of order

At the beginning of November I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K and got a personal best of nine miles in 1:29.  Barb and Bryan drove up for the weekend and my friend Kristy and I hung out with them after the race and had a great time.  It was 50 degrees and sunny... beautiful weather and much better than the year before when it was 23 degrees!

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Blogland is conspiring against me and my flurry of updates, so excuse the partial pictures.  The kids and I went down to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving.  We had a good time and tons of delicious food!  Ian went to his dad's and also had a great time.
 Cara and I on Thanksgiving

Lila decided to throw a fit instead of join the picture.

Grandparent's Day

 Lila had Grandparent's Day at her school this month and Mom came up to spend the morning with her at school.  Lila was SO excited and they both had a good time.

Mom got to watch Lila in the classroom and was very impressed with her cutting skills.

 Then they made a family tree with Lila's hand as the trunk of the tree.

Then all of the classes sang for the grandparents.  Mom took some videos, but for some reason they won't load on the blog.  Lila did an excellent job singing and doing the motions and really enjoyed the applause at the end!

December 2, 2011


Ian has been doing an excellent job on swim team this year.  He has improved some of his times and is enjoying the season.  He has one more regular meet and then the final meet of the season left to go.  He decided to only do the first half of the season this year and is hoping to find a swordplay to class to take this winter.

Cara's Two Year Stats

I am behind, which seems to be the norm these days.  I'm going to try to get caught up with a flurry of posts!

Cara had her two year check up a few days after her birthday and everything looked great! She is 25 lbs. 6 oz and is 32 3/4 inches tall which means she is 22% for height and 32% for weight.  The doctor asked me if she was able to put two word phrases together and Cara answered by saying, "I eat Egg Harbor for lunch. I have mac 'n chese and got a ducky.  My ducky on the table."  The doctor was very impressed!  All of the other things the doctor asked about, Cara had been doing for quite some time so she is doing great!

Cara talks and talks and has opinions about everything from what she wears to what fork she uses to eat.  She wears her pink polka dot rain boots every day whether it's raining or not and wears them all day long except when she's sleeping or in the bath.  She loves pretending to have tea parties with Lila, playing with Little People, cleaning, and playing the Pigeon app on my Ipad.  She is doing excellent at swimming lessons and jumps in to the pool all by herself.

Her favorite things are Nana, her stuffed animals, doggies and being included.