May 26, 2011

Cara Cuteness

The laundry shoot is prime playing space at our house. I am asked almost daily to sort laundry so that the girls can play in there. Cara was playing in the laundry shoot the other day and was opening the door and saying peek-a- boo ("pee boo"), so I grabbed the video camera to catch it. As soon as she saw the camera she froze and smiled because she loves having her picture taken. So, that's what's going on at the very beginning. After that I decided to catch some of her fun tricks since I had the camera out.

May 25, 2011

18 Month Pictures

Cara also got her 18 month pictures taken today and also did great. As soon as it was our turn she walked out in front of the backdrop, stood up straight and smiled. It was hilarious! Plus, the photographer remembered us from last time because Cara had insisted on wearing her hat in the pictures.

Four Year Old Pictures

Lila got her four year old pictures taken today. She did a great job and they turned out super cute. Here is a sampling.

Last Twinkle Toes

Today was Lila's last day of Twinkle Toes class. She is taking a break from dance over the summer and when she starts again in the fall she will be old enough to take a recital class. So exciting!! (And making me very nostalgic for Nancy Sommers, truth be told.)

Here is Lila walking like a duck- her favorite song in dance class.

And dressed as a bumble bee for a very cute ballet song. There may or may not be a video of this coming soon. I brought the video camera to class only to realize the battery was dead. I took a video on my regular camera, but after waiting for two hours for it to load to the blog, I gave up. I might try again later.


On May 15, eleven 8th graders were confirmed as church members at our church. I was a mentor during the confirmation process this year, so I met with one of the girls each month throughout the school year. We did a lesson each meeting, read the book of Luke together, attended worship together, and participated in a service project. I really enjoyed my experience as a mentor and even learned a lot from the lessons!

The confirmands with their mentors

Jessica (who I mentored) and I

May 11, 2011

18 months old

Cara turned 18 months old yesterday! She had her check up today and she is doing great! She is 30 inches tall and weighs 22 lbs 11 oz. That means she is 14th percentile for height and 25th for weight. So, she is still rocking the short and round look!

She is still obsessed with dogs and would spend the majority of her day looking out the window for "woof woofs" if she could. She is doing amazing in her swim lessons and can now float by herself for 10+ seconds without anyone holding on to her. As soon as there is space available she is going to move up to the next class and graduate from parent/child class! Out of the water she is running everywhere and still loving accessories. She asks to wear her tutu almost every day in addition to picking out her own shoes and hat/headband. She adds new words and phrases every day - today she said Bible.

I am behind on getting Lila's 4 year and Cara's 18 month pictures taken. I hope to get that done next week and get them sent out to everyone.

May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

The kids and I on Mother's Day

Elayna's Bridal Shower

My cousin, Elayna, is getting married next month so Mom, Katie and I hosted a bridal shower/shopping weekend for her. She and her fiance are buying a house so she spent most of her time at IKEA and other home stores. On Saturday we had a brunch at my house.

The place settings and centerpiece.

Future Mrs. banner

Elayna in her bride shirt and veil

Opening presents.

Nana and her Velcro baby

May 6, 2011

Just for Fun

Lila and Cara dressed up for a parade. We have a parade, festival or picnic almost every afternoon at our house.

"Can I have a banana?"

Last Weekend

Erin had to come to Chicago for a work training last week, so she decided to take advantage of the opportunity and extend her stay for a few days to visit us. And, as an added bonus, Joe, her fiance, came out as well. Chris had met him before, but the rest of us met him for the first time.

The visit was very low key, but we had pretty good weather, so we did make it out to the park one day and the zoo the next. Erin and I also Tivoed and watched the Royal Wedding, of course!

Ian, Joe, Erin and Cara with the polar bears. Lila was being stubborn.

Because everything happens at once, I had signed up to run a 10K in Champaign last Saturday so I had to miss part of their visit. It was a really nice race though and ran through campus, downtown Champaign and Chris and I's old neighborhoods which made it a lot of fun. And we finished on the 50 yard line of Memorial Stadium and they showed the finish on the scoreboard! Plus, I had a personal best in the race finishing in 56:59! I finished 23rd out of 206 in my age group, which is clearly not amazing, but since I was the slow girl in softball it makes me pretty happy.

Lila is 4!

Lila turned 4 last Wednesday! After what seemed like a week of parties and celebrations we kept it pretty low key on the actual day. She did talk to my mom and Momoo and Popoo on the phone and Face Timed with Gary and Sue. She had a shirt with the number 4 on it, but she changed when she opened her present from Gary and Sue and I never got a picture.

Wearing her new dress from Gary and Sue and holding flowers from Chris.

We opened presents as soon as Chris got home from work.

And after supper we had a big cookie for dessert.

Lila is 28 lbs 12 oz and 39 inches which makes her 5th percentile for weight and 25th for height. She has gained a whopping 6 oz since her last check up. She is a very fun, sweet little girl. She is very into princesses and playing dress-up. She also likes to quote Disney movies saying things like "It's a wonderful dream come true!". She can write her name and recognizes all of her numbers and letters as well as identify many letter sounds. She is also a little GPS-- she knows how to get everywhere in town and knows if I deviate from a route at all. She also loves babies, real and pretend, and told me last week that her job at Kids Club (the gym daycare) is to take care of the babies.