October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We have had a busy and fun Halloween weekend! On Saturday we continued our annual tradition of Trick or Treating downtown. We saw lots of friends and had fun collecting candy. Saturday afternoon, Cara and I drove down to Lola's birthday party which was so cute! Cara was perfect and loved spending time with Lola's family. Then today we went Trick or Treating around the neighborhood and answered the door.

Lila was The Little Mermaid

Ian was a "Fallen Angel"

with very big wings.

Not sure what this face is about.

There wasn't a baby Ariel costume so Cara is a mermaid sister.

October 30, 2010

Fun Fair

Last night was the Fall Fun Fair at Lila's school. We had dinner there and then played carnival games in the gym. Lila had a blast!

Playing a bean bag toss game. That's one of her teachers running the game.

Ian doing the cake walk

The girls doing the cake walk. Despite having two of the 13 numbers we didn't win a cake. We did buy some cookies at the bake sale as a consolation prize though!

Lila showing off her vampire teeth prize.

October 29, 2010



Today was the last day of the session for "germastics" aka Gymnastics so the parents got to watch. It's hard to get good pictures in a big gym, but here are a few.

Getting ready to kick up to a head stand.

Finishing a cartwheel and getting ready to yell "I did it!"

Practicing pre-back bends.

October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Lola!

Cara's BFF is one year old today! Jaline has a cute post from yesterday and I'm sure more to follow from today and her birthday bash this Saturday. Check it out at http://cutestofthebunch.blogspot.com.

October 23, 2010

Time to Hibernate?

Lila put Chris The Bear down for a nap today with a blankie and a buffalo, but apparently the room was too bright so he needed some sunglasses.

Little Turtle

Jaline told me this week that Cara's going to be upset when she finds out I tell everyone that she looks like a turtle. Jaline's probably right so, remember, it's our secret! But for now, here's a picture of Cara looking very turtle-y. And adorable!

Twinkle Toes Ballet

Wednesday was the last week of the session for Lila's Twinkle Toes class so parents got to come in and watch. It was SO cute! Lila was a little shy at first with people watching, but once they did Ring Around the Rosie she warmed up and did a great job after that.

The wheels on the bus go round and round...

First position

Walking like a duck, her favorite part

The class with Miss Marilyn

October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Decorating

On Sunday we decorated the pumpkins that we picked out on Saturday. Ian wanted to carve his pumpkin and Lila just wanted to paint hers.

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we went to a nearby pumpkin patch and had a fantastic time! It is definitely something we will do again next year.

Chris's first corn maze experience!

Cara saw ducks in a pond and LOVED them. Lila was playing in a bounce house when Cara spotted the ducks and she immediately began pointing and woofing at them. Apparently, "woof" is her all purpose animal noise. Chris took her over for a closer view of the ducks and she pointed, talked and woofed at them for at least 10 minutes!

Ian, Chris and Cara on the train. Cara loves her big brother!

Lila feeding a goat that "only had ears, not horns".

Lila "driving" a tractor.

Oops! We ran over Ian!

Clearly, I know that Chris and I grew up very differently, but sometimes it funny to me how urban my kids are compared to how I grew up. Here is us on the hay ride and the conversation that took place before that...
Me: Yay! They have hay rides!
Ian: What's a hay ride?
Chris: You don't know what a hay ride is? [pause] I don't either!
So, now the whole family has been on one and everyone enjoyed it.

Lila and her pumpkin, she picked it because it was clean.

I bought a mum and made Ian carry it on the way home. It might have been a tad big...

October 11, 2010

A Funny

From yesterday...

Me: Tell Daddy what you talked about in Sunday School today.
Lila: Things we find around the church! [pause] And things we find around Costco.

11 Months Old!

Wow! Hard to believe that this is the last monkey picture! Next month Cara will be one year old! It has been quite a year and Cara's babyhood is flying by!
Cara has turned into quite the chatty Cathy this month. She's always been very vocal, but she now has quite a few identifiable words that she uses consistently. She says hi, hi there, Mama, Dada, Lila, Nana, doggie, woof woof, more and peek-a boo. She is very opinionated and whe she doesn't know a word she points and grunts until we figure out what she wants.
She crawls all over the house and is very independent. She likes to be right by me most of the time, but she is happy to entertain herself for periods of time. She has tried letting go of furniture a few times and has stood for a second or two, but is still not very steady. I think her feet are too tiny for her to balance!

Fall Fest

On Saturday we went to our local Fall Fest. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time. Here's Lila bouncing in a bounce house. Ian made his exit shortly after this.

Cara being a good sport and holding Lila's place in the long line for pony rides.

Lila going down the BIG inflatable slide without any fear. She even snuck by the attendant and went down twice! Oops!

The long-awaited pony ride!!

Fall is fun!

Lila decorating her pumpkin.

Great job, Lila!
They had a little area where the kids could trick-or-treat so we did that and then headed home to watch the Illini put a beat down on Penn St!

October 5, 2010

Lila's First Dentist Visit

Lila had her first visit to the dentist last Friday and she did great! She watched me first and then hopped right in the chair. She answered almost every question the hygenist asked with, "my favorite color is pink" and she told the dentist that she had five teeth on the bottom and eight on the top, which is "a lot".

Opening wide

All done!