January 31, 2009

Winter Carnival

Ian's school winter carnival was today, so we all went and had a lot of fun. As a fifth grader, Ian was eligible to be the target in the wet head game. It was like a dunk tank, only water poured on his head when the target was hit, instead of dunking him in a tank. Ian got soaked, but had fun.

After his turn in the game, Ian wanted to walk around with his friends, NOT his parents, so Chris and I took Lila around to do a few games. She played duck pond, fished for a prize, did the cake walk, and had a balloon flower made. The balloon flower lasted about 3 minutes before she started popping it, but it didn't seem to bother her.

As a side note, I dropped our camera this week (apparently I will never outgrow my klutzy phase) and it is in the process of being repaired, so there are no pictures from the carnival. Let's hope the kids are extra funny for the next week and a half so I have stories to post instead of pictures.

January 23, 2009

Mini Me

It's official. Lila is a mini me. Not only does she look like me, but she is interested in the same things too.
1. She LOVES shoes. She picks out her shoes every morning and also randomly throughout the day she will ask to put on her shoes or to change her shoes. Her favorite right now is her "snow boots".
2. She likes to watch me put on make-up and uses her own set of make-up brushes so she can imitate me.
3. She is a neat freak and cleans up spills. Sometimes I don't even know she has spilled something until I see her wiping it up with a towel.
4. She likes to go shopping. Yesterday, we went to the mall and as I was pushing her through the mall she started yelling "Yay! Shopping!" loud enough that people were looking at us.
And today, the icing on the cake... no, I'm not proud...
5. We went through a drive-up today to get a Diet Coke and I hear Lila in the back seat saying "diet coke". I tried to play it off and said "yes, you have a coat". She said, "no mama" and then repeated, very clearly, "Diet Coke". Probably a sign that I need to kick the habit?

And, just for fun, some pictures of Lila in her new knit dress from sweetbirdie (www.sweetbirdie.com).

This is when I told her to say "Yay! Shopping!".

January 16, 2009


I made lasagna for dinner tonight, thinking that there would be plenty leftover for Chris to eat this weekend while he was home alone studying and working. As an added bonus, Lila, who never eats more than a few bites of ANYTHING ate almost an entire piece of lasagna for dinner!

As we were finishing up dinner, I said to Chris, "Good. There is plenty leftover for you to eat this weekend." And then Lila shouts, "Hooray!", complete with a fist pump.

January 14, 2009

First Art Class

In my head, this post was going to be a super-cute picture of Lila holding the project she made at her very first art class today. However, every time I handed her the project she threw it on the ground because she wanted to play with her Trader Joes balloon.

So, here's a picture of Lila's art project from her very first art class. We are trying something new this session and the first day was a lot of fun.

Lila also has her first full ponytail today. Isn't it cute?

Cheesin' for a self portrait.

January 12, 2009

Moms Gone Wild

Okay, not really. But I did have a very fun girls weekend with Beth and Courtney in the suburbs of D.C. We went to a movie, shopped, and even had a night out and all enjoyed being free from our day to day schedules set by our kids. I am exhausted since I don't usually do that much in a month, but it was worth it!

January 8, 2009

Drawing Together

Ian, draw me a picture!

Yay! He's doing it!

Look at the nice picture Ian is drawing.

January 3, 2009

Aunt Katie

After hearing that Lila let Jim carry her from the restaurant to the car on Thursday night, Katie convinced Tony, Tim, and Molly to come to our house for dinner and games on Friday night so that she could continue in her quest to win Lila over. She had success! Lila played with her, talked to her, and even sat on her lap for a few seconds.

January 2, 2009

Lounging Around

Lila brought me the Spongebob blanket and said, "sit Mommy" and then she got one of her blankets and sat by me. Lucy, of course, didn't want to miss out.

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We stayed in last night and celebrated New Year's Eve at home. Ian came home about 1:00 from his visit with his dad, so he was able to celebrate with us. Chris and Ian played a board game, then we played Wii and watched a movie. The movie finished just in time to watch the countdown.
Ian drinking his cherry berry cocktail.

Doing a Happy New Year dance.