January 31, 2009

Winter Carnival

Ian's school winter carnival was today, so we all went and had a lot of fun. As a fifth grader, Ian was eligible to be the target in the wet head game. It was like a dunk tank, only water poured on his head when the target was hit, instead of dunking him in a tank. Ian got soaked, but had fun.

After his turn in the game, Ian wanted to walk around with his friends, NOT his parents, so Chris and I took Lila around to do a few games. She played duck pond, fished for a prize, did the cake walk, and had a balloon flower made. The balloon flower lasted about 3 minutes before she started popping it, but it didn't seem to bother her.

As a side note, I dropped our camera this week (apparently I will never outgrow my klutzy phase) and it is in the process of being repaired, so there are no pictures from the carnival. Let's hope the kids are extra funny for the next week and a half so I have stories to post instead of pictures.

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