October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 Cinderella and Suzy Mouse

 Cara LOVED being Suzy Mouse!  She had a Halloween party at Muscle Club this morning and as soon as she walked in she said "I Suzy Mouse!".  She has really enjoyed Halloween and dressing up this year.  She likes to get candy but so far she hasn't realized that she can eat it.
Lila also had a Halloween party at school today.  As a room mom I got to go to the party and help out which was a lot of fun.  They trick-or-treated around the school, played games, made a craft and had a spooky snack.  Lila is already willing to suffer for beauty.  I sent extra shoes to school because her glass slippers hurt her feet, but she didn't want to wear them. She also refused to wear long sleeves or a jacket because she "just wouldn't be a beautiful Cinderella."  Oh my!

 Waiting for candy


October 30, 2011

On Friday night Chris took the girls to the Fun Fair at Lila's school.  They had a great time and Chris said that Cara was very excited about all of the games.

 Then on Saturday, the girls went trick-or-treating downtown to all of the stores.  Cara didn't really like the big mouse head, but she was really excited about being Suzy Mouse.  If you're familiar with the Disney Cinderella you should recognize Cara's costume as the girl mouse who helps Cinderella.

The girls also carved a pumpkin with Chris, but for some reason the picture will not upload.  I will try again when I upload Halloween pictures tomorrow.

Ian had his first swim meet on Friday night and did an excellent job.  Then on Saturday morning he had placement testing for HIGH SCHOOL.  How is this possible???

October 28, 2011

Totally Wicked Cute

Lila had school and Cara had music class today and Monday is a costume day so I took the opportunity to have them wear their Halloween t-shirts.  I had intended to have them get a picture together, but Lila wanted to take turns.  Not worth the battle, so here are their separate pictures:

 Lila goofing around.

 And "standing like a tree".

Cara posing without the hat.

And with the hat.

Dance Class Halloween Party

On Thursday, Lila got to wear her costume to dance class and have a little Halloween party.  The parents got to watch for the last 10 minutes of class, our first chance since class started two months ago. They did a tap dance to "The Addams Family" and a ballet dance to a song about a ghost.  Lila did an excellent job!

Seriously, how cute is this?

Lila is Cinderella for Halloween, complete with "glass slippers" that she couldn't wear to dance class.  Many more pictures of Halloween costumes coming soon!

October 8, 2011

Fall Fest

Today was the annual Fall Fest in town.  It's great for little kids and Lila was really looking forward to going.  It's a beautiful day here today, so the girls and I went and had a fun time with some friends.

Cara and Lila with the pumpkins 

 Lila and Cara both rode horses, but since I was walking with Cara it was hard to get a picture.

 Cara went in the bounce house for the first time ever and had a blast!  She was mostly just trying to keep from falling over instead of actually jumping, but she had a really good time.  They had a small one for younger kids which is where she was and that made it easier for her to go in and not worry about getting tackled.
 Both girls rode the train and did Miss America waves at everyone.

Lila painting her pumpkin

Apple & Pork

Get out your spoon, get out your fork, it is time for Apple & Pork!  Or at least it was a few weeks ago.  I'm a little behind posting the pictures.  But, the kids and I did go down for Apple & Pork and had a great time.  It was Cara's first time going and she was a big fan!

Lila with her gingerbread cookie. 

Cara having her first apple fritter. 

And her first pony ride.  She wasn't really sure about riding a pony, but she was determined not to be left out since Lila was riding one.  She had a worried look on her face the whole time, but she never cried.

Fried apples and a fairy hat. 

The girls rode the tram with Mom several times and loved it.  I think they would have done that the whole weekend and missed everything else.