November 14, 2011

Cara is Two!

Last Thursday Cara turned two!  We celebrated with a Pancake Party with family and Cara had a blast.  She was so excited about her birthday.  She told everyone we saw all day, "It my birthday! I two!".  She also sang "Happy Birthday dear Cara" to herself all day.

More than presents, cake or a party, she was excited that "Nana coming!"

 Her very own mop and cleaning set.  Lila has one already and it is probably the toy the girls fight over most.  They are definitely my girls!

 Her new necklace which she has only taken off to bathe and sleep since she got it.

 Her stack of pancakes cake.

Happy Birthday dear Cara!

With Aunt Katie

Ipad Generation

Yes, this is Cara playng with an App on my Ipad using her snack bowl as a stand. And she can do it all by herself.