April 11, 2012

Happy Easter!

On Friday, the girls got their Easter baskets from me because they were spending the weekend with Chris. They were both very excited and had lots of fun playing with their new things.

Then they went to Chris's for the weekend where they colored Easter eggs, were visited by the Easter Bunny and had Easter dinner with friends.

Finding eggs! 

All dressed up!  

Meanwhile, Ian and I went down to Mom and Dad's for the weekend.   Here's Katie, Tim and I.

Ian and I 

"Our babies" this Easter all dressed up in their new shirts that showcase their personalities.  Lucy's says Hug Me, Walter's says Family Favorite and Snickers' says Princess.

April 5, 2012

Cara's First Haircut!

Cara had her first haircut this afternoon!  I made an appointment for Lila at the same time thinking Cara might need to see Lila first before she would want to get in the chair.  I was wrong!  They ended up going at the same time because Cara was completely fine.  She picked out her movie, hopped right in the chair and was ready to go.  She still doesn't have much hair, but my hope was that it would look better evened out and that it might start to grow in a little better.

 The first snip!

Pretty curls!  Much better now that it's even! 

All done!

Easter Egg Hunt

Last Saturday, Lila's school had a pancake breakfast and Easter egg hunt.  The girls were so excited to go and had a great time once we got there!  We ate breakfast with some friends, had a short Easter story and prayer and then got to hunt for eggs.

It was pretty cold so they had to move the hunt inside. Which meant it was really more of a run and grab than a hunt.  The girls had to formulate a strategy...


Showing off their eggs and their personalities!