February 28, 2010

Yay for Lila!

Although Lila was fully potty trained back in August, she had some regression when her baby sister was born. After ignoring the problem and a few other incentives failed, I tried the sticker chart method and told her that if she filled her chart with stickers she got to go to Build a Bear.
I took her to Build a Bear to show her what it was all about and she was very excited! This week she filled up her chart with stickers and we made a trip to Build a Bear.

Checking out her options.

Making a Birth Certificate for her bear. She made a boy bear and named him Chris. She picked out jammies, a hat, and slippers for him to wear.

Very excited to take her new bear home.

Posing with Chris the Bear.

Bumbo Seat

Cara has started sitting in her Bumbo seat from time to time. She isn't strong enough to sit for more than a few minutes, but she likes being upright and taking in all of the action around her.

February 18, 2010

Cara Cuteness

Cara had her 3 month pictures taken yesterday. I don't know why photographers insist on getting in babies' faces and making loud noises. Does that actually make anoyone's kids smile? Because it scares the bejeezus out of my kids and makes them cry.

We got some cute ones anyway. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day (a little late)

Lila and I made heart shaped crayons for her to give tothe kids in her music class at their Valentine's Party.

Ian was pleased with his $10 Valentine.

Lila got a new Scanimation book which she loved.

Cara got this for Valentine's Day, but it proved to be very hard to find in an actual store and it didn't make it here in time for the actual day. She also had a super cute Valentine's Day outfit, two actually, but neither made it long enough for pictures before spit up happened.
Also... if you received a Valentine from us there are two things you should do:
1. Feel special.
2. Know that I have not lost my mind and started liking the holiday. The cards were included with the coupon I used when we got the sibling pictures taken and the lady basically forced me to take them. So, I did and then I mailed them to 25 of you.

February 12, 2010

Cara is 3 months old!

Cara turned 3 months old on Wednesday! Her personality is really starting to come out and she is moving away from the "blob" phase. She loves watching people, especially her big sister, and being in on all of the action. She likes to get out and about and while she likes being held, she also likes to time to hang out and play with her toys.


Pictures of him are few and far between.

Manicure Time

We've had a lot of time to kill at home lately and after I'd run through my usual list of suggestions only to get turned down, I offered to paint Lila's nails. She was a big fan and took it very seriously. Afterwards, I kept catching her looking at her red fingernails.

Cara Cuteness

An Update and some Randoms

Chris has been in San Francisco for a trial for the last 10 days. He's home now for 3 days and then back again for another 1-2 weeks. Thankfully, Mom was able to come up and help for several days which helped break up the time and gave me someone to talk to!

While she was here we got hit with about a foot of snow. Ian didn't have a snow day though, much to his disappointment.

On Saturday I was in the kitchen fixing lunch and looked out my window to see a coyote!! Not something you usually see here in the suburbs!

February 1, 2010

Ta-Da! Cara Cuteness

Well Fed

Lila feeding her Bitty Baby. I asked if she could smile, but she whispered, "No. I can't. I feeding my baby now."

And burping her baby.