September 23, 2011

Birthday Tailgate

Last weekend we all went down to Mom and Dad's for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and go to the Illini game.  It was perfect weather and a great game!

Katie, Tim and I

Birthday cake! 

Cara's first tailgate.  She loved it!

Chief arms

More Chief arms

Cara playing washers

This is what happens when you ask your 14 year old to be in a picture with you.

That's better.

Cara eating birthday cake. She loved it!

More Cuteness!

Here are some pictures Mom took while watching the kids a few different times.

Cara loves her sunglasses

Lila being silly

 Tea party

 Ian being a good big brother

And being silly with Walter

Lila and Lucy

September 9, 2011


My little fashionistas (no idea where they get that...) picked out their own outfits today.  You can't see Lila's shoes, but they are pink ballet flats with huge pink jewels on them that she picked out at Gap herself.  So, since I'm trying be better about pictures, I thought I would take a couple.

Lila didn't think the first one was good enough of Bolt.

This week Lila started gymnastics and dance again.  She has moved up a level in gymnastics and this year is old enough to be in the dance recital.  She is taking a ballet and tap combo class and to say she loves her tap shoes is a huge understatement.

And Cara, after all of this time of watching Lila get to go to classes while she has to hang with me, including yelling "I 'nastics!!" [I do gymnastics!] at the top of her lungs outside the gym on Tuesday, finally got to start her first class today.  She and I went to music class for the first time today.  It is the same one that Lila and I used to do and Cara loved it!  She didn't hesitate at all and participated in all of the songs and tried to do all of the motions.  And she had an ear to ear grin on her face the entire time.

September 6, 2011

Football Season!

We stayed with my parents all of last weekend, where I was chastised by Momoo for not updating the blog enough. So, first, an apology for not updating the blog enough!  I feel like we have been busy, but we haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary and I haven't taken any pictures.  I am going to make an effort to step it up, even if it means just taking pictures of the kids at home.

But, back to last weekend, we stayed with my parents and went to the Illini game on Saturday.  Everyone wanted to show off their new orange and blue.

Katie and the kids