February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day (a little late)

Lila and I made heart shaped crayons for her to give tothe kids in her music class at their Valentine's Party.

Ian was pleased with his $10 Valentine.

Lila got a new Scanimation book which she loved.

Cara got this for Valentine's Day, but it proved to be very hard to find in an actual store and it didn't make it here in time for the actual day. She also had a super cute Valentine's Day outfit, two actually, but neither made it long enough for pictures before spit up happened.
Also... if you received a Valentine from us there are two things you should do:
1. Feel special.
2. Know that I have not lost my mind and started liking the holiday. The cards were included with the coupon I used when we got the sibling pictures taken and the lady basically forced me to take them. So, I did and then I mailed them to 25 of you.

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