October 8, 2011

Fall Fest

Today was the annual Fall Fest in town.  It's great for little kids and Lila was really looking forward to going.  It's a beautiful day here today, so the girls and I went and had a fun time with some friends.

Cara and Lila with the pumpkins 

 Lila and Cara both rode horses, but since I was walking with Cara it was hard to get a picture.

 Cara went in the bounce house for the first time ever and had a blast!  She was mostly just trying to keep from falling over instead of actually jumping, but she had a really good time.  They had a small one for younger kids which is where she was and that made it easier for her to go in and not worry about getting tackled.
 Both girls rode the train and did Miss America waves at everyone.

Lila painting her pumpkin

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