January 23, 2009

Mini Me

It's official. Lila is a mini me. Not only does she look like me, but she is interested in the same things too.
1. She LOVES shoes. She picks out her shoes every morning and also randomly throughout the day she will ask to put on her shoes or to change her shoes. Her favorite right now is her "snow boots".
2. She likes to watch me put on make-up and uses her own set of make-up brushes so she can imitate me.
3. She is a neat freak and cleans up spills. Sometimes I don't even know she has spilled something until I see her wiping it up with a towel.
4. She likes to go shopping. Yesterday, we went to the mall and as I was pushing her through the mall she started yelling "Yay! Shopping!" loud enough that people were looking at us.
And today, the icing on the cake... no, I'm not proud...
5. We went through a drive-up today to get a Diet Coke and I hear Lila in the back seat saying "diet coke". I tried to play it off and said "yes, you have a coat". She said, "no mama" and then repeated, very clearly, "Diet Coke". Probably a sign that I need to kick the habit?

And, just for fun, some pictures of Lila in her new knit dress from sweetbirdie (www.sweetbirdie.com).

This is when I told her to say "Yay! Shopping!".


Courtney said...

That's great! If you ask Benjamin what he wants to do in the morning, he usually responds with "Go to the mall!"

And, he calls Diet Coke mommy-juice. Awesome.

Kirsten said...

I found your blog through Sara Easton-Keag (yes she was stalking you in her free time...). I am the old Mr. Triezenberg at CHS and apparently you and I have similiar senses of humor and after seeing the link to that store I know we are kindred spirits (very much like Matilda Jane stuff -- google it if you havn't seen her stuff). Just wanted to say hello!

Amanda said...

Kirsten-- Hi! It's so nice to have readers! :) I do love Matilda Jane stuff, but haven't found a rep nearby and my attempt to order through someone else's rep did not go well. Do you know anyone who sells it?
sweetbirdie is similar! Jenn, who owns sweetbirdie loves Matilda Jane too.