October 18, 2010

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we went to a nearby pumpkin patch and had a fantastic time! It is definitely something we will do again next year.

Chris's first corn maze experience!

Cara saw ducks in a pond and LOVED them. Lila was playing in a bounce house when Cara spotted the ducks and she immediately began pointing and woofing at them. Apparently, "woof" is her all purpose animal noise. Chris took her over for a closer view of the ducks and she pointed, talked and woofed at them for at least 10 minutes!

Ian, Chris and Cara on the train. Cara loves her big brother!

Lila feeding a goat that "only had ears, not horns".

Lila "driving" a tractor.

Oops! We ran over Ian!

Clearly, I know that Chris and I grew up very differently, but sometimes it funny to me how urban my kids are compared to how I grew up. Here is us on the hay ride and the conversation that took place before that...
Me: Yay! They have hay rides!
Ian: What's a hay ride?
Chris: You don't know what a hay ride is? [pause] I don't either!
So, now the whole family has been on one and everyone enjoyed it.

Lila and her pumpkin, she picked it because it was clean.

I bought a mum and made Ian carry it on the way home. It might have been a tad big...

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