December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

 Santa came to our house!

 The kids on Christmas morning

 I'm not sure Cara really understood everything, but she had fun opening presents.

 Lila really wanted a Doodle Bear and Santa knew Cara would want one too, so they both got one.

 Drawing on her Doodle Bear

 Me too!

 Ian really only wanted one thing for Christmas- the new Skyrim XBox game.  He was getting a little worried when he had opened most of his presents and hadn't found it yet, but then he got it and the gaming guide too.

 Studying the gaming guide.

 Lila only asked Santa for one thing this year, a Fur Real dog.  It's a fake dog that acts just like a real dog.  It doesn't seem to make a difference to her that we have a real dog.  She was SO excited when she opened it.
 Cara's favorite present this year was her new "cuter".  It a My Own Leaptop and she loves it. She's carried it with her everywhere, she hasn't even let anyone touch it to set it up!

The kids dressed for Christmas Dinner.

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