December 12, 2011

Zoo Lights

Last night I took the girls to Brookfield Zoo to see all of the Christmas lights and decorations (Ian opted not to go).  Zoo Lights happens every year, but it's usually too cold for me.  But, since it was a balmy 40 degrees last night I decided it was the perfect time to go.  The girls loved it!  Several of the animals were outside since it wasn't freezing and we got to see even more animals inside.  The lights looked beautiful and we all enjoyed it.

 All bundled up in the stroller

Lila wanted to go on the carousel at the end.  Cara has been on before, but I guess she didn't remember because she was terrified and yelling "Off! Off!" before it started.  This picture is when she was terrified.  But once it started moving she stopped yelling, looked around and then started smiling and saying "Whee!"  Meanwhile, Lila was on one of the outside animals and she spent the entire time smiling and waving Miss America-style to the people standing around the carousel.

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