December 22, 2011

Christmas Pageant

This was a big year for our family in the church Christmas pageant- this is the only year that all three kids were able to participate!  Ian was an usher and sang with the middle school class; Lila was a Heavenly Host; and Cara was a donkey in the stable.  All three kids did an excellent job!

Ian singing

Lila getting ready for her part
Singing Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star

Lila's part in the show! They say "Glory to God in the highest.  Peace on Earth, goodwill to all."  Then sing Twinkle Twinkle Christmas star/ Over Bethlehem afar/ Up above the manger high/ Dancing dancing in the sky/ Twinkle twinkle Christmas star/ Over Bethlehem afar.
Cara was ADORABLE as a stable animal.  They keep the two year old animals in line and in the stable by feeding them an endless supply of animal crackers.  Cara ate the entire time and chewed on her cup while she was waiting for refills.

She also got a purple Christmas tree from Nana the day before that she didn't want to put down.  That's what's sitting in her lap.  Sitting next to her is her BFF Grace.

They video the pageant and  put it up on the screen.  During down time they show the stable animals.  Here's Cara and Grace on the big screen.

A video of the cutest donkey ever!

All the kids singing Silent Night for the finale

Leaving the sanctuary


Cara in her costume.

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