August 27, 2008

Update on us

I've been neglecting the blog, so I thought I would give an update. We are in Illinois and doing well. Our stuff will not be delivered until Sunday, so really we have been camping in the new house as opposed to actually living here, but it is starting to feel like home already.

Chris has been working hard, with some much appreciated help from Jim, assembling media cabinets and installing light fixtures and ceiling fans. We have also had a painter here since Monday painting much of the house to make it feel more like ours. He will finish up today for the week, but will be back next week to do the entryway and stairs after our furniture is delivered.

I have been trying to set up all our services and make sure both kids are signed up for school and activities. Plus, I have been curtain shopping. I hate curtains!!

But, all is well with us. Chris started work at the Chicago office today, so we are officially Chicagoland residents. We are also looking forward to watching the first Illini football game this weekend! Go Illini!

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