October 28, 2008

18 months old

Lila turned 18 months old yesterday and had her check-up today. She weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs 2 oz (up to 10th percentile for weight, yay!) and is 31 inches long (25th percentile). The doctor said she looked healthy and is doing great. He was especially impressed with the number of body parts and animal noises that she knows.
Lila knows the words hi, bye, Mama, Daddy, this, snack, thanks, bless, uh-huh, back, where is it?, there it is, help please, doggy, kitty, ouch, okay, boom, fish, and car. Sometimes she will also say Nana, Auntie, breakfast, giraffe, and I did it.
She loves ALL animals and knows the noises for dog, cat, elephant, lion, sheep, goat, monkey, bee, and duck as well as the motions for bunny, butterfly, squirrel, and crocodile.
She can point to her mouth, teeth, nose, eyes, cheeks, ear, head, neck, hair, feet, toes, wrist, hand, elbow, knee, tummy, and bottom.
Her favorite foods are canteloupe, wheat thins, dried fruit, goldfish, cat cookies, and cereal bars.
Her favorite things to do are vaccuum, put toys away, listen to music, and give hugs and kisses.
(The shirt in this picture is another adorable creation from our friend at http://www.sweetbirdie.com/.)

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