November 13, 2009

Big Sister Lila

Lila is a great big sister already! She came with my mom to the hospital a few hours after Cara was born. At first she was a little apprehensive, but after about 15 min and a juice from the birthing center's snack room she warmed up to the idea of being a big sister and was ready to hold Cara.
She told us that Cara was very tiny and sweet. Then she gave her kisses and petted her arm and tummy. She loved coming to the hospital to visit us and would run into the room saying "I want to hold Cara!"
She is still figuring out what babies can and can't do. Cara pooped one day while Lila was visiting and while Chris was changing her he said, "Cara, I didn't know you had pooped!" and so Lila said, "Cara, you have to tell somebody when you have to go poopy!". Another time, Lila was holding Cara and Chris told her that they needed to give Cara to me so I could feed her. Lila said, "I have Cheerios and milk. I will feed her!"

Lila holding Cara for the first time.

Opening her big sister present, an American Girl Bitty Baby.

Giving her new baby a hug.

(Ian did not hold Cara on Tuesday, but he did come visit and hold her last night. The pictures are on Mom's camera, but I should have them to upload later today.

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