December 3, 2010

30 Days of Giving- Week 4

30-Day Giving Challenge

Final (very late) update on the 30 Days of Giving. I'm glad I did it. It was a great experience and it made it even more clear to me how easy it is to give. Opportunities are everywhere.

Day 24: Text READ to Target (827438) pledging to read to your kids and Target will donate a book to a child in need.
Day 25: Happy Thanksgiving. Honestly, I didn't do anything other than some minimal help in the kitchen, but I was VERY thankful for my family and the chance to spend a couple of low key days at home.
Day 26: Purchased a grocery gift card for the Peoples Resource Center's Christmas present drive.
Day 27: Donated to Toys for Tots at Pier 1.
Day 28: Volunteered for Make a Wish.
Day 29: Scheduled a donation to Amvets.
Day 30: Made a blanket for kids at Mutual Ground.

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