June 10, 2011

Fun with a new Camera App

I bought a new app for my phone yesterday called Vignette and I am hooked! It's basically the Droid equivalent of Instagram and it lets you take pictures with your phone and add fun effects. I have warned my family and my Facebook friends that I will be annoying with this. It might make its way to the blog from time to time as well. But the upside is that when I forget my camera and use my phone the pictures will at least have fun effects. For example...
Vintage 1970s Summer- Cara in her pjs

Toy Camera - Lila in dress up clothes, not real clothes

Old Yearbook Photo - Ian eating breakfast

1930s movie - Chris eating breakfast

Vintage Oversaturated - My true love My fountain Diet Coke

If you ignore the annoyed looks of my family those are really fun, right?!
We had a hot and humid start to the week. I had two bootcamp classes and a Half Marathon Training Group run, all outdoors in 90+ degrees and 100% humidity, not fun. But we also made it to the splash park and the pool this week which was much more enjoyable. Unfortunately me alone with three kids surrounded by water does not = pictures. But it's only the first week of summer, so stay tuned!

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