February 27, 2009

Splishin and Splashin

It was a long afternoon here. Ian didn't have school today and Lila's Miralax that she's been taking for four days decided to start working during naptime, so with a restless preteen and a napless toddler at home I decided we needed to get out. We decided to check out the local indoor water park and had a lot of fun.

They had a lazy river, a kids play area, two big water slides and several small pools. Ian spent the entire time on the water slides and Lila and I hung out in the little 3 foot pool. She jumped in over and over again shouting "one two one two THREE!". After about 40 minutes Lila had had enough so we changed and had a snack while we watched Ian go down the slide.
Every once in awhile Lila would look over at the slides and wave, saying "hi Ian" whether he was there or not.

Ian on his way back to the slide.

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