May 5, 2009

Birthday Party

We celebrated Lila's Second Birthday with a small, family party at our house last Saturday. Lila had a blast opening her presents and, of course, being the center of attention.

Singing Happy Birthday

After we sang Happy Birthday, I took Lila's cake back to the kitchen to cut it, but Lila didn't know what I was doing so she started crying. She thought I was taking the cake away without giving her any! Chris had to bring her into the kitchen to watch me cut the cake and put it on plates.
Yum! Cake!
She loved opening presents and wanted to make sure that every bit of paper came off of the box. She also wanted all of the toys out of the box right away.

Holding her new baby from Aunt Katie.
As soon as she opened this outfit from Nana and Pa she wanted to put it on.
Holding on tight in her new wagon from Mommy, Daddy, and Ian.

Her favorite toy was definitey her car from Uncle Tim and Molly. She's barely stopped driving it since she opened it.

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