May 31, 2009

Great America

We went to Six Flags Great America with Tim and Molly yesterday. It was a long day, we left around 9 a.m. and didn't get home until almost 9 p.m., but we all had fun. The morning was pretty dreary, but I think that worked in our favor because the park was not very crowded and only a few rides had long lines.

Lila and I spent most of the day together on the rides marked "mild" and that were suitable for people under 36" tall while the rest of the group rode almost every roller coaster in the park. Chris and Tim did their best to annoy Molly by shouting or acting out the theme of the ride on every coaster, like striking the Superman pose on Superman or flapping their arms on American Eagle.

Lila spent the entire drive up to Gurnee saying, "I ride horsie!" so, of course, we rode the Carousel first thing. Our grand total was four times on the Carousel, but Lila never got tired of it. She rode this horse, one with a red saddle, one with a pink saddle, and a cat. At one point she even put her arms up and said "woo!"

This ride was called King Chaos and basically just flipped you upside down over and over again. Everyone said it was a lot of fun, but Lila started shaking and crying while we watched the ride so we had to steer clear of it after that. We also had to take her to drive the cars again immediately afterwards to return her to her good spirits.

Our end of the day family picture.

As a side note, Tim is making huge progress with Lila. She had fun with him all day and even asked to ride a ride with him. And today she asked if Uncle Tim could go to the park with us. So watch out Aunt Katie, you are going to have some competition next weekend!

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Molly said...

so that is a TERRIBLE picture of me on king chaos. my poor legs were killing me...