July 15, 2009

"I ride the train next week."

I don't think Lila had ever seen a train before we moved here, but now, between the metra and the freight trains we see them all.the.time. She's become a little obsessed. For the past few weeks she has been telling me, "I ride the train next week." It hasn't seemed to bother her that weeks go by and she still hasn't ridden the train. But, last night Ian was at camp and Chris was working late, so I decided we would take a train ride and have a "girls night out".

Lila waiting at the train station.

Lila riding the train. On the way home the conductor let her hold her train ticket and she was SO excited. We only rode the train for 3 stops for a total of 13 minutes each way, but she had a great time.

Our destination was the 2 Toots Restaurant which is a 50's style diner where a toy train delivers the food to your table. Lila thought it was FANTASTIC. And in very un-50s and un-Midwestern fashion they had veggie burgers so I was happy too.

Lila even got to sit in the booth like a big girl so she could be right next to the train when it went by.

Lila waiting for the train to go by our table. (Yes, Mom, I know her bib is dirty.)

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Courtney said...

Adorable! Benjamin would absolutely adore that place. He loves it when we take the Metro into DC, too!