April 21, 2010

An Update on Cara

Cara had rice cereal for the first time yesterday! She was so excited to eat real food, she kept smiling and laughing while I was feeding her. Apparently when she was sitting in the highchair watching the rest of us eat while gnawing on a teether she was really saying, "Put me in coach! I'm ready!"

And a longer update if you're interested...
Due to ongoing and new concerns, I took Cara to the pediatrician yesterday morning. We saw a different doctor than we normally do and he felt it was time to take some more steps to figure out what exactly is going on with Cara.

We had a full blood work up done on her yesterday as well as a blood test for allergies. Let me say it is NOT fun to hold your baby down while they poke her with needles! We should find out the results of the test on Friday, although because she is so young a negative allergy test doesn't necessarily mean she isn't allergic to anything. Regardless of the test results, the doctor said I should continue to avoid dairy because, at the very least, she is intolerant/sensitive to it. However, I eliminated soy from my diet starting last week and the doctor said that unless the test shows an allergy to soy it should be safe for me to start eating it again.

The doctor also told me to start rice cereal with her to help with the spitting up and he also prescribed medicine for acid reflux.

So, I don't really know any more than I did before, but let's hope one of these things starts to make a difference or the test results give us some answers!

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