February 12, 2011

Sail Away

Last week, Chris and I went on a week-long Caribbean cruise on the Freedom of the Seas. We stopped at CoCo Cay, Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten and had three days at sea. It was fantastic! We both love cruising- this is my fifth cruise and Chris's third- and this trip just demonstrated why we loved it so much. The weather was amazing, the ship was perfect and overall we just had a really good time.

The view from my beach chair in CoCo Cay.

In St. Thomas we went shopping (of course) and then that night we had a sunset harbor cruise around the island. It was really low key and fun and may be my favorite cruise excursion ever. It doesn't hurt that champagne was included!

The sunset

One night the ship entertainment was a magician. He asked for volunteers and Chris immediately rasied his hand. He was picked, so he got to assist during the "cut the woman in half" trick. He said it was very cool and he still has no idea how the magician did it. Chris is on the far right.

Chris with his three dinners on lobster night--prime rib and two lobster tails.

One of the the professional ones we had taken on the ship.
While we were gone, Mom and Momoo stayed at our house and took care of the kids and animals. We are SO grateful that they were willing to do that. And everyone had a great time. The girls got lots of one on one attention during the day and everything went smoothly. Except for a little thing like a record breaking blizzard, maybe you heard about it? I've heard it called several things, but my favorite is Sn...O.M.G. We got 22 inches of snow and everything was shut down in a city that never shuts down for weather. I'm glad we missed it and glad that everything here was fine.
Mom took pictures of the snow and of the kids during the week, but I forgot to get them from her camera before she left.

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