March 29, 2011

Odds and Ends

Here's a little bit of what's been going on the past couple of weeks.
St. Patrick's Day!

I had a Groupon to use so the girls and I went to the Children's Museum in Naperville. We had never been before and it was a lot of fun! Cara was completely overwhelmed at first and Lila kept wanting to run to the next area without telling me, but once they settled down they really enjoyed it. Here they are using teamwork!

Lila in the wind tunnel. She loved this even though she is terrified of the hand dryers in public bathrooms. She even went in the wind tunnel to dry off her pants after she played in the water area!
Cara had fun watching Lila play in the bubbles.

The last day of the gymnasitcs (or germastics as Lila says) session was last week so I got to watch and take some pictures. Here she is practicing her rebounds.

And her letter T.

Ian is on Spring Break this week and left to go to his dad's this morning. Lila still has school, but all of her other classes are off this week, so I may have to get creative to fill in some of the extra down time!

And to end on a funny note, a dinner table conversation from a few nights ago:

I bent over to pick something up and apparently groaned or made a noise.

Lila: Mommy, why did you make that sound when you bent over?

Me: Because I'm old.

Lila: Oh yes, you are very old.

Ian: You're not old. You're in your prime.

Me: Thanks, Ian. That's nice to hear.

Lila: Mommy is 30.

Ian: Oh, you're 30? I thought you were 29...

Me: So, I'm not in my prime?

Ian: I guess so. At the very end of it.

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