April 16, 2011

My Turn

The kids are all doing great! We've tried to take advantage of the few nice days we've had to get outside for bike/trike rides and walks. The girls and I went to a friend's house for a backyard playdate this week, which brightened everyone's day. Otherwise, we've just been carrying on with our same routine with no pictures to show for it.

The rest of this post is going to be about me, so if you only come here for pictures of the kids you can skip this one. :)

Now that you've been warned...

I have had a busy few months that culminated in a very busy weekend. I co-chaired a community project for Junior League called Kids in the Kitchen. You can click here to see the press release, but, in short, we worked with about 80 kids teaching them about nutrition, healthy cooking and exercise. It was a lot of work to plan, but I loved every second of it and the event was a success! And if you'd like to see the recipes that the older kids used to prepare their meals you can click here.

And just for fun, here's a picture of my co-chair, Jessica, and I.

Then, as if that wasn't enough in one weekend, I went out that night to celebrate my friend Tricia's 30th birthday. We went out to dinner and then the rest of the group saw a comedy show.

Me with Emily and Shannon at dinner

I skipped that part because the next day I ran the Shamrock Shuffle. It was a beautiful day to run and a lot of fun, but I was TIRED. I finished in (according to my watch) 47:12, which was slower than I'd hoped. But I finished and hung out and had a beer with some friends and Tim who also ran and finished in a fantastic 44 minutes! Then Katie met up with us and we had lunch before I headed back home.

After the race with my friend Jill and one of her friends.

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