April 21, 2011

Party Week

Lila has had a big week! And it's not over yet. Her school is on Easter Break next week, so she got to celebrate her birthday at school on Tuesday. She looked through my Fun Cupcake Ideas book and picked out pink princess cupcakes. They had sprinkles in them and they were delicious.

She also wore a Princess shirt to match the cupcakes.

Then, today was her Easter Party in her class. Her teacher assigns snack by week and makes sure each kid brings a snack on their birthday week, so that meant that we had snack responsibility for the Easter Party as well. So, cupcake round 2 was yellow cake with cream cheese frosting and Easter egg sprinkles.

Here's Lila in her bunny shirt holding the Easter bucket she decorated at school and the eggs she found.

Next up is Lila's Birthday Party on Saturday and she wants a Baby Jaguar cake. We'll see if I'm up for the challenge!

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