August 20, 2011

Back to School!

Hard to believe, but school has started again!  Ian started 8th grade on Thursday - his last year of middle school!  He has a big year ahead with high school registration, Confirmation class at church and 8th grade graduation.  He was not very enthusiastic about going back to school, but he said that he had a good first day.

Ian is wearing a new shirt and new jeans.  And I am happy to report that we both survived the back to school shopping experience!

Continuing the tradition I started last year, here is a video of Ian after his first day.

Lila started 4 year old preschool on Friday and was SO excited!  All day Thursday she kept saying, "I am SO excited to start school tomorrow.  I can't WAIT to go to school.  I can't wait to learn new things!"  Friday morning she was up and ready to go.  When we went outside for pictures Cara looked at me like I was nuts that I didn't want her in the picture and then went and stood by Lila anyway.  Here she is trying not to be left out.

Lila with her backpack and first day of school dress.

 At school with her nametag.  Right after this she said, "Okay Mommy you can go now."

And then she sat down and started playing.

Here's Lila's first day of school interview.

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