May 21, 2010


Lila is obsessed with buffalos. It is a very strange animal for a 3 year old to be obsessed with and I have no idea how it started, but she is. She even says that she is a buffalo. Several months ago an elderly man at church asked what her name was and she answered, "Buffalo!" Then, last week, we had new cleaning people at the house and when one asked Lila her name she said, "Well, my animal name is Buffalo, but my real name is Lila."

Our local zoo just finished a huge, new bear exhibit and in the process also added a bison exhibit (I'm calling them buffalos, does anyone really know the difference?!?) and Lila has been SO excited for it to open. It opened on the 8th and we went for the first time yesterday and Lila loved it! When we saw the buffalos she went running up to them yelling, "Hi buffalos! I'm a buffalo too! I love you!" It was so cute.

And another bright side for Lila is that the new gift shop next to the bear and bison exhibits had a stuffed buffalo. That is a very difficult animal to find so of course I bought it for her.

No pictures because there were at least 50 buses of field trips at the zoo yesterday, seriously, so just seeing the exhibits was all we could manage.

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