May 19, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

Cara is sitting up! She doesn't always lean so far forward, but she was trying to play with her blocks and wasn't real thrilled about having her picture taken. She loves being able to sit because it is so much easier to watch what Ian and Lila are doing!

Cara had her six month check yesterday (it was rescheduled from last week) and weighed in at 14 lbs 14 oz. That's 8 oz LESS than Lila weighed at 6 months, but Cara is almost a full two inches shorter at 24.5 inches. So, basically all of her weight is scrunched into her thighs and cheeks. And her chances of making it to 5 feet are very low. She is 25 percentile for weight and 10 percentile for height. She is doing great developmentally and the plan is to keep her off of dairy until at least one year and on reflux medicine until at least 9 months.

In case you're interested, at 6 months...
Ian: 18 lbs 8 oz, 28 1/4 inches
Lila: 15 lbs 6 oz, 26 1/4 inches
Cara: 14 lbs 14 oz, 24.5 inches

Lila had her 3 year check two weeks ago and she weighed 26 lbs (yay!) and was 35 inches tall. That puts her at 10 percentile for height and 7 percentile for weight. The dr said, "Well she's obviously VERY petite, but at least she's on the charts!" That's all I was hoping for, so that was a success. He then asked if she was talking in sentences. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She then talked his ear off for the entire visit. All is great with Lila as well.

In other news, a giant has invaded our house:

Actually these are Ian's new flip flops for summer!!! I ordered them online and when they came I was SURE that they would be way too big, but they fit him just fine. Size 9! Ian has a week and a half left of 6th grade and then he will be 1/3 finished with middle school. I just can't believe that is possible. He has done very well this year and has made a great transition.

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