May 7, 2010

Lila at American Girl

For Lila's birthday, Mom, Katie and I took her to American Girl for brunch and shopping. We all had a great time, although the adults definitely had just as much, if not more fun, than Lila.

On Michigan Ave after a bus went by.

Walking into the American Girl store aka little girls' mecca.

At the cafe, the babies get high chairs and their own dishes. Lila shared her cinnamon roll with her baby.

The four (five?) of us at brunch.

Lila got a candle in her dessert and we all sang Happy Birthday.

With her huge shopping bag when we were done!

We had time to kill before our train for the 'burbs left so we took a taxi to Katie's apartment. It was Lila's first taxi ride and she was very confused. She asked what the driver's name was and when we said we didn't know she started whispering. She told us that we had to be quiet because we didn't know the driver's name.

On the train back home.

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