June 9, 2010

Splishin and Splashin

All three kids had a great time in the swimming pool at our condo. Lila, who was already a good swimmer for 3 years old, made major strides in the pool. She was letting go of the wall and swimming under water and on her back all by herself. Her swim teachers are going to be so impressed on Saturday!

Cara also seemed to love the pool. She relaxed as soon as she got in and really enjoyed floating around in her floatie. I started calling her a short, chubby Michael Phelps because as soon as I held her in the water she put her head down and started kicking. I also had her go under water a few times each day and while I wouldn't say she loved it, she didn't cry and wasn't bothered by it.

I took this picture from the balcony of our condo!

Lila liked her floatie but didn't spend very much time in it after the first couple of days.

The only picture of me on vacation, too bad it isn't cuter.

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