June 26, 2010


My cousin Lena, her husband and their two kids, along with my Aunt Gay and Uncle Bill, were in the area visiting family and stopped by one morning for a visit. It was the first time Lena had met Chris, Lila and Cara and the first time I had met her husband, Rob, and their two kids. Needless to say with that many people/kids in the house it was a little chaotic so this is the only picture I took. Lena is reading a book to Lila and Natasha, while baby Nathanael hangs out in the bouncy. Cara was upstairs napping so she missed the photo op.

My friend Beth and her family were up here this week for Beth's brother's wedding and yesterday we were able to meet up. We took the kids to a small zoo with local animals in the morning and went out to lunch. Then, Beth and I ditched the kids and went shopping! This is Lila and Beth's son Jackson after lunch.

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Elizabeth said...

Love the picture of the two of them! Jackson has asked to see it a few times since the first time I showed it to him - I think he has a crush! Thanks for meeting up with us!