September 4, 2010

Football Season!

Illini football started today! Although they lost, the game went much better than I had anticipated so I am still feeling hopeful about this season. Tim came over to watch the game and hang out. And Cara learned that on game days you eat in the living room!

Cara showing off her new Illini shirt!

When Lila woke up on Thursday morning she asked if it was time to watch the "Niwinois Game" so she was excited that today was the day. However, she wanted to wear her Little Mermaid Halloween costume, not her Illinois shirt. The only way I could get her to take off her costume to eat lunch without a fit was by letting her wear her Little Mermaid pajamas instead. And the big news for the day is that Lila put her money where her mouth is and played with Tim non-stop.

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