September 20, 2010

We've Been Busy

We just don't have any pictures to show for it! Last week Ian had an Outdoor Education field trip which I'm sure is going to be the highlight of his year. It's an annual 7th grade trip up to a campground in Wisconsin for three days where they get to hike, learn archery, and all sorts of other outdoor activities. He had a BLAST! He drove to Clinton with Chris and Katie on Friday night after getting back and, according to them, talked about his trip for 55 minutes straight.

Lila started dance and gymnastics class again and went to a fun birthday party for one of her friends. And she started Sunday School for the first time which is something she has been eagerly anticipating.

Cara has two teeth! One top and one bottom and two more that should pop through any day.

Last weekend we all went down to Clinton to celebrate my birthday with family and to go to the Illini game. We had a fun breakfast tailgate and watched the Illini win!

This week and weekend should be a little less hectic, but I am running my first 10K on Sunday so I'm trying to mentally gear up for that!

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