September 26, 2010

A Small Brag

I know most of you only read this blog to see pictures of the kids, but I ran my first ever 10K this morning and finished in 59:08 which is way better than I expected to do. That breaks down to about a 9:31 mile so I guess my training paid off!

Chris and the kids came to watch me finish which was really great! I'm yelling at Lila in this picture because she didn't see me. After that I smiled and waved, but we don't have a picture of that.

Cara with her very sweaty mommy after the race.
As a side note, I ran the Race for the Cure this morning and it is such an inspiring event! It was just a race to me, but it is so amazing to see all of the survivors participating in the race and those who've been personally affected by breast cancer. Definitely something I'll do again next year!


Erin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You should be really proud of yourself...I only did a 5K, but I know what an accomplishment THAT felt like. You rock!!

Sue said...

Don't forget that G-Ma is a two time survivor! Thanks for supporting the cause.