January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning

The scene when the kids woke up Christmas morning.

I have about five pictures just like this and then I gave up on the getting a picture of all three kids in front of the tree. They were ready to get started!

Cara checking out her stocking presents.

Woo hoo! Candy!

This is THE thing that Lila wanted from Santa this year. Every time she was asked, for over a month, she said "a Thomas Train that you can ride". She was thrilled to see it under the tree and wanted to ride it immediately.

Here's Ian with the number one thing that he wanted for Christmas- a World of Warcraft replica sword. Never in a million years did I imagine I would purchase something like this, but he was very excited to open it. And on his head he's wearing another present, a Link hat from the Legend of Zelda game.
We all had a very fun Christmas morning. Cara stuck her fist in the air and said "yay!" every time she opened a present. Lila wanted to play with everything as she opened and was very excited about all of her new things, even the new clothes.
After opening presents and eating breakfast we packed up and drove down to Mom and Dad's for Christmas dinner and more presents.

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