January 18, 2011

Fancy Lila

I am afraid I am creating monsters. Shopping monsters, that is. Lila has always loved clothes and shoes and always enjoyed going shopping. On Monday, we made a family trip to the mall to do some shopping and help Chris pick out some new clothes. As soon as we walked in to Von Maur Lila said, "I like to try on shoes here. Let's go try on some shoes!". We made her wait until we were done shopping and she kept asking to try on things in her "own little size". So, as a reward for being patient I took her up to the toddler section to look at clothes. She informed me that she had to try clothes on, just like me. She tried things on and, of course, we bought a few things. Her favorite were these Fancy Nancy pajamas with matching slippers. They are satin and the slippers have feathers on them, they are very fancy.

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Grandma said...

I think this is too cute!