August 22, 2010

Day Out With Thomas

To cap off our whirlwind last weekend before school starts we went to Day Out with Thomas today. Lila loves Thomas and was so excited to see the real Thomas today! We had tickets to ride Thomas so we did that as soon as we got there and then we walked around and did some of the other activities until everyone was tired and ready for naps.

Seeing Thomas for the first time!

Riding on Thomas

To make Thomas go we all had to yell "Let's go, Thomas!" on the count of 3. Lila LOVED it!

My only complaint about the day was the lack of Thomas photo ops. You could have your picture taken with Thomas when he was in the station but that was only for about 5 minutes every half hour so we never got a picture with Thomas. We tried to get one as he was going by while we ate lunch but Lila didn't cooperate.

They had a tent set up with coloring pages and train tables. Lila had lots of fun playing with the trains.

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