August 22, 2010

A Visit with Auntie, Day 2

Day 2 of Erin's visit was much more low key. She and I went into the city for a few hours to go to lunch with Katie and then shop at the magical place called Lori's.

We set up our old playroom TV in the basement so that we could play Rock Band down there instead of in the living room since it is not a quiet game. Lila LOVES Rock Band! We had introduced Erin to the game when she was here last time and she was anxious to play again as well.

The family band

Later we enjoyed a Midwestern evening of cooking out and playing Washers in the backyard. Erin had never played before, but wanted to since she saw us talk about it here on the blog. Thankfully, it was less humid last night and we all enjoyed hanging out outside.

Cara cheering everyone on

Auntie with her nieces and nephews

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