August 1, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Lila had Vacation Bible School last week and loved it! It was good practice for both of us before she starts school in three weeks. She got to play games, sing songs, hear Bible stories, make crafts and play with other kids. She was very excited to go all four days.

On Thursday night, the kids put on a show to celebrate the end of VBS. The preschoolers sang three songs--two by themselves and one with all of the kids. Lila knew all of the songs and practiced them at home, but at the show... nothing. She just stood and looked around at everyone else. After the kids finished singing there was a picture slideshow with the songs as background and the little stinker sang every word of the songs sitting next to me in the pew!

Since she just stood there, this is just a short clip, but imagine her doing this for three songs and it will be like you were there.

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