August 10, 2010

Tipping Point

Cara has reached the tipping point, now that she's nine months old, where she's been out longer than she was in! This was the best picture I could get by the monkey because she was diving for Lila or I the whole time. She's looking at Lila, not me, in this one, but at least she's smiling.

Cara has had an explosion of new skills the past few weeks! She says dada and a word that sounds like "hi" and once she looked at me and said "hi mama". She has been doing what I called floor swimming for several weeks-- it's like scooting but she kicked her legs to move-- but in the last few days she has started to really crawl. She has also started waving on command and can play "So Big!".

She hasn't started pulling all the way up yet, but she has pulled herself up on to her knees several times. And when I stand her up she can stand up for quite awhile. I got out a little music table that was Lila's the she can play with while she stands and she seems to like it.

Checking out the table.

Look at those strong legs!

An adorable, chubby back view!
Cara's 9 month check up is Thursday, so I'll update then with height and weight.

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