July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We had a fun and busy 4th of July weekend!  Katie moved into her new condo on Wednesday so on Friday I helped her shop for some essentials and clean.  Then, on Saturday morning, I had a brutally hot training run followed by furniture shopping with Katie. 

Then on Sunday we went to the Taste of Oakbrook for the first time.  We loved it!  First and foremost the Jesse White Tumblers were there, and as a life long fan I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see them up close.  It was awesome!  I had only seen them as a half time show at Assembly Hall, but here we were so close we could touch them.  Lila was amazed and Cara said "woooo!" while we watched.

After that, we tried some food and enjoyed the beautiful day.  The girls had lots of fun running around and playing Ring Around the Rosie.

Cara and Chris eating our free fries.

 Cara and I

 Lila and Cara eating gelato

Later that night some friends came over and we enjoyed the weather some more, sitting outside to eat and play bags.

On the 4th I ran a 4 mile race (4 on the 4th) here in town which was a lot of fun.  I finished in 35:30 which was ahead of my goal time of 36 minutes and meant I kept an overall pace of 8:53.  Plus, because the race was short and in town the girls got to see me go by early on and again at the finish.  In this picture I am waving and yelling at the girls to make sure they saw me.  They did!

Lila's 4th of July outfit

Cara's 4th of July outfit

After the girls got up from nap, we went to the pool.  They continue to amaze us with how well they can swim and how much they enjoy it.  Cara jumped off the side of the pool over and over again to Chris and I yelling "Two! Jump!" (like One, Two, Three... Jump) and walked around in the shallowest end sticking her face in the water to blow bubbles.  Lila jumped off the diving board five times by herself!!!  Not just little jumps either, running big jumps off the end.  Chris waited for her in the deep end to make sure she got to the side safely, but she did all of the jumping and swimming by herself.  Then last night, Lila got to stay up late and go with Chris to watch the fireworks.  She had fun watching them and naming them as they went up.

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