July 29, 2011

Vacation Bible School

We returned from Portland to a heat advisory in Chicago, so we didn't do much because it was SO hot.  Then, just as the heat advisory was lifted, our air conditioner broke.  And not just a minor break- we had to have a new inside and outside unit installed.  Not fun.  So, we didn't do much while the air conditioner was broken either because it was SO hot.

This week was VBS at church.  I was a crew leader for a group of first and second grade boys and let's just say they were a challenge.  Lila was part of the preschool group again this year and had a fantastic time!  She told me all about what she did every day and couldn't wait to go back.  Two of her teachers even told me how impressed they were with her knowledge about Jesus!  Cara spent the week in the nursery at church playing with her friends and having fun.

Last night was the VBS Finale where the kids could show off the songs that they learned.  The preschoolers sang Jesus Loves Me by themselves and then sang two songs with the rest of the group.  Lila did an excellent job singing the words and doing the hand motions!

After the singing, everyone had ice cream to celebrate!

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