July 12, 2011

Ian's Birthday Weekend

Technically, Ian's birthday was last weekend, but he was with his dad.  He got to go camping and spend time with his dad's family.

On Friday, Mom and Dad came up to babysit so that Chris and I could go see Beauty and the Beast.  We had dinner with Katie and Tim first and then saw the show.  It was fun, but not nearly as amazing as Lion King!  After dinner we had drinks with Emily to celebrate her birthday and then headed home.

 Lila and Cara's new thing is to use my foam roller to "stretch".

On Sunday Mom, Dad, Katie and Tim came over to celebrate Ian's birthday.  We had lunch, cake and ice cream and presents.  Lila got dressed up in her "party costume".

Ian got money, gift cards, a savings bond and a new book.  He also got the XBox he's been asking for! 

He got some new XBox games from Katie and Tim. 

And then we had chocolate mousse birthday cake.

On Saturday, Ian and a friend went to the Renaissance Faire with Mom and Dad for his birthday present.  Mom took some pictures and I will add those as soon as I get them from her.

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